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Meet our Alumni


Tim Bortner

UW-Eau Claire - Pi Sigma Epsilon (PSE) equipped me with tools for 
building the foundation of my professional life before ever leaving 
college. Competing in sales role play competitions at regional and 
national levels, networking with corporate leaders, or just making new friends that turned out to feel like family are a few of the reasons I committed to PSE.


Today, I draw on those experiences as my career grows with Hormel Foods as a Sales Account Executive. It's really cool to look back on where the organization used to be and compare to where it has come - may it continue to grow in numbers and provide opportunities for many to come!


Joseph Schreiner

I had no idea the impact joining PSE would have on my life moving forward. PSE was the turning point for my life not only professionally but also personally. I was surrounded by motivated and [eventually I became] likeminded individuals with a burning drive to impact the business world.


Through PSE I was given an opportunity to experience responsibility in leadership, go out of my comfort zone by competing in sales competitions, learned how to effectively speak in public, mentored younger members to help their progress, built lifelong friendships, and it helped set me up to get my current career.


Everyone waits for “the big moment” to make a change in his or her life. Almost like a movie moment when the main character is faced with a giant problem, and at that moment decides to change their characteristics completely. The problem is life does not work that way, it takes time and continuous effort to make a change. That is what PSE is; an outlet that presents opportunities that will slowly shape you into the person you want to be.


Without PSE I wouldn’t be in the position where I am today. More importantly, without PSE I would not be the person I am today. Not only would I encourage others to try out joining the organization, I would challenge you to try participating. That is where you will find the most value and grow most as a person.


Kyle Carr

I wasn't sure what to expected when I first joined PSE. I had just finished studying abroad and changed my major to marketing. 2.5 years later and I had gotten comfortable withing the organization and my professional career. PSE gives students a chance to be in a similar position in that we all want to get involved and achieve the same goal in establish a professional career. The conferences allow you to learn how to network and compete in competitions like the Top chapter, Pro-Am, Marketing challenge, or the speakers competition which gives you real life examples to use in interviews to stand out.


Thanks to PSE, I was able to attain a job after college before graduating and used that as a springboard to finding what I wanted as a career. I am currently an Account Manager at Drake & Company Staffing Solutions which is a staffing agency in Madison WI that specializes in office type settings like, Receptionist, Accountants, Human Resources, and Marketing. Being a former VP of Human Resources allowed me to bring that experience to my current role. When PSE says it's your Business Advantage for Life, that is a true statement and I wouldn't be where I am now without it.


Evan Waldera

I am a Senior Recruiter at a software company in the Twin Cities, named Sovos, where I am responsible for hiring positions across our global offices in Europe, North America and South America. When I was at UWEC, I had no idea what I wanted to do after school; after a few promotions and 3.5 years later, I have found a position that I love! I am mainly responsible for hiring entry-level to performing executive searches across all departments within Sovos - primarily focusing on Sales and Marketing roles. I also will partner with campus groups, CDC's and students to come onto campus to conduct interviews, panels and workshops and provide insight into what recruiters are looking for in candidates. 


PSE was an important stepping stone for me as it helped push me outside of my comfort zone, by competing in numerous award programs (Pro-Am, Marketing Case, and Top Silver Chapter) when I was at UWEC on a regional and national level. Competing in these programs taught me a lot about collaboration, accountability and professionalism. PSE also gives you opportunities to hone in on invaluable networking skills that have helped me progress in my career still to this day. 


Patrick Mulvey

My time in Pi Sigma Epsilon taught me the importance of building and sustaining long term relationships with your peers. Until my induction into PSE, I had built my resume and career on my own with very little guidance. In the fall of 2015 I landed my second internship with M3 Insurance. This internship gave me the opportunity to really show a brokerage (ranked in the top 1% nationally) what I’m capable of. While preparing to start the program, I didn’t know how to leave a mark on the M3 team. Luckily, a PSE/UW-Eau Claire alumni, Connor Meloy, started in the M3 internship program a few years prior. He even worked in our business development group before taking on a new venture after a couple of years at our firm. Our PSE sales advisor Jerry Kollross gave me Connor’s cell number and recommended we connect. During our conversation, Connor provided me with valuable insight that helped coach me through the process of “crushing the internship.” 

While our discussion was brief, the wisdom Connor shared helped me lead our internship class and secure a job into the nationally renowned accelerated development program, M3You. During my time in the M3You program I secured several new business deals, became educated on how insurance carriers operate in tandem with the Wisconsin based provider systems and even obtained a Group Benefits Disability Specialist (GBDS) designation. Since graduating the M3You program I have now become a full-fledged Account Executive in the M3 Employee Benefits practice. I owe all my success to people like Connor and the internal mentors I’ve grown close with at M3. 


Danielle Siegle

When I was a freshman I knew I wanted to get involved with an organization. Little did I know that it would be one of the best decisions I’ve ever made. PSE helped me grow into a confident, strong, hardworking sales person. Holding multiple executive board positions and being a project leader gave me the real world experience that my current job was looking for. From problem solving with the rest of the executive board to overcoming differences to creating new and innovative ways to do things, joining PSE was the best thing I could have done in college and I highly suggest it for others as well! 


Currently I am a sales representative with International Paper in the corrugated packaging division. PSE helped me gain real world experience and this position never would have come so quickly and fluidly if it weren’t for the skills and development of PSE, both locally and nationally. With the opportunities PSE gave me, I now have endless opportunities with International Paper and I can’t wait to see what the future holds!  


Danny Klagos

PSE gave me a lot of opportunities throughout my tenure with the organization that created the building blocks for where I am today. I currently work for an Insurance Broker called Cottingham & Butler out of Dubuque, IA where I hold a sales role. The job itself would have never been an opportunity if it wasn’t for being a part of such a great PSE Chapter that gains a lot of recognition and interest from reputable companies throughout the Midwest. Fast forward to two years later and I have gained some early success in my career. As some of my strongest characteristics in my current role have propelled me on the right track for my career, those were characteristics that PSE help me create and build upon. Beginning as a general member Freshman year to holding roles as a Marketing Director and then President of the chapter I was able to see and capture the benefits from all angles. From professional development workshops, learning to stand-out from peers, sales processes, competitions, fundraising projects and leadership roles, those are core things that helped mold me into who I am today. PSE is a passionate organization that is truly committed to developing members into young business professionals in preparation for success in the working world.


Brock Offerdahl

Pi Sigma Epsilon absolutely changed my life. Having been a part of this organization since my freshman year, PSE provided me with the tools and vehicle needed to drive my career in the right direction. When I joined this organization back in 2014, I had no idea what I was looking to do. Walking into our PSE meetings, you can feel the passion, positivity and innovative minds coming together like the Tabernacle Choir. I got extremely involved.


I was humbled when organizing and directing our largest community service project, Toys For Tots, helping the Eau Claire Salvation Army nearly double the amount of toys they collected from 2015-2016. As the Director of Recruitment, myself and Meagan Brown (VP of Human Resources) were able to update our recruitment strategy, helping to grow our organization above 100 members. As the President of PSE, I was the glue between the blocks and helped our members and our chapter achieve more than we ever thought possible - Sustained Excellence 4 Years Running. Through my senior year, I was the President of The College of Business Student Advisory Council, Member of the Student Senate Financial Commission and an active member of our UWEC Sales Team. 


PSE helped me land multiple internships with Liberty Mutual and 3M. Currently, I am working full-time in Sales for 3M Oral Care at our 3M Global HQ in Minnesota. There is no better feeling than looking back to see how much we all have accomplished - Socially & Professionally. I will forever be looking to give back to this organization that fueled my business advantage for life.

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